Our Services

We see it as our duty to provide competitive prices, superior service and after-sales service guarantees on all products and workmanship.


We offer a professional non-structural repair service which includes all repairs of cosmetic nature, panel beating, bolt-off, & bolt-on panel replacement , all utilizing the latest repair and paint technology available


We also offer a professional structural repair service which includes major accident repairs, panel replacement and re-spray painting, all utilizing the latest repair and paint technology available


To try and make Supreme as convenient for our clients as possible, we also offer a rubberizing service. The rubberizing service is done with a day and is as professional done as possibly can be.

Our Process

How we go about working on the vehicles to insure the best outcome


Welcome & Quotation

If your vehicle is insured, we will contact your insurance assessor to assess the damage on your vehicle. If your vehicle is not insured we will give you a free quote based on the visible damage on the spot for you to approve.



Damaged areas need to be disassembled to make work on the area safe and easy and to avoid paint getting on parts that are still undamaged.


Panel Beating

If the damaged panels require panel beating it will be done during this step at a dedicated panel beating area by qualified panel beaters. If a panel is to be replaced the new panel will be ordered and as soon as it arrives it will be sent straight to the preparation bay.


Preparation Bay

Damaged panels or new panels are primed here and the remaining panels masked using a soft plastic sheet to protect the vehicle from overspray. Our workshop is equipped with four dry flatting preparation bays and infrared curing systems to ensure that all panels are prepared using the latest methods.


Spray Booth

After your vehicle’s paint has been matched and mixed by our professional spray painter, your car will be sprayed in a dust free, down draft Aer-O-cure spray booth. Your car will be baked at 65⁰C until the paint is dry.



All disassembled parts are to be assembled and alignment and functionality checked.



Your vehicle is then sent to the polishing bay where final polishing and cleaning takes place.


Quality Inspection

Our comprehensive check list ensures that your entire vehicle is checked thoroughly by a Quality Control Manager.

Manufacturers Approvals & Insurance Partners

We are factory approved by the following manufacturers for factory warranty purposes; however we do repairs on all makes and models to the highest standards.

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