More About Us

At Supreme Scratch and Dent Removal we take pride in work done in our auto body repair shop. Our qualified journeymen are provided with the finest equipment and products in the trade in order to enable them to provide you with the best possible results. Our accomplished employees further undergo skills development training at reputable businesses quarterly to ensure that they are abreast of the latest technology and developments.

Because we understand the necessity of transport, we aim to have the shortest turnaround time possible without compromising the quality of the repairs done, ensuring that our clients never have to wait longer than necessary.

Guarantees on...

Products: Manufacturer-relevant guarantees
Workmanship: Three-year guarantee
Paint: Life-time guarantees

Our Mission:

Our mission is to make Supreme Scratch and Dent Removal one of the leading auto body- repair companies in our area. In addition to this our aim is to provide our clients with high- quality workmanship from qualified journeymen who make use of only the best products and equipment available in the industry. We strive to restore damaged vehicles to their original state in the most effective time frame.

Our Values:

  • To deliver on our promises and be known for reliability.

  • To treat all clients who cross our doorstep with respect.

  • To protect our clients’ property and interest.

  • To provide only the best service possible.

  • To deliver our work with pride.

  • To provide quality assurance.

  • To act with integrity and so build a trusting relationship with our clients and Insurance companies.


Supreme Scratch and Dent Removal was established in 2005 as a mobile unit. Towards the end of 2005 we extended our business to a modern, fully- equipped auto body-repair shop situated in the North Eastern part of Pretoria.

The business grew from strength to strength, early 2008 we expanded our business to a SAMBRA accredited, fully- operational non-structural auto body-repair shop.

Our new auto body- repair shop consists of a state-of-the art spray booth and preparation bays. We make use of world-renowned GLASURIT paints and primers to support our workmanship-guarantees.

We rely on our expertly qualified team to turn out outstanding workmanship on a daily basis by ensuring that each employee is placed in a position where he can excel.

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